Our offices are located in Amsterdam in Europe. We believe in the historical power of Amsterdam for a central/head office.

Our offices are located in a by restoration renewed former farm that initial has been build in 1752 on ‘the dike’ of the small river Gaasp in the southern ‘rural’ area of Amsterdam. The farm has (typical for the -by type of soil-mainly grass/milk based agriculture in Holland) a ‘hooiberg’.

Our offices will move in the fourth quarter of 2007 to the Herengracht in the channel area in the centre of Amsterdam.

Our businesses are outside Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a perfect deal city, but producing in Amsterdam is not a good idea: Just because the people of Amsterdam like more to talk rather than physically work and also traffic congestion and parking problems slowing anything else in business.

Deals you make the best in Amsterdam, production you do the best in secondary/rural regions.
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